Yellow Super Tone Loud Blast Grille Mount Horns 12V 335-400

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Super Tone Loud Horns
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1x Pair Super Loud Blast Tone Grille Mount Compact Car Horns 12V 335-400


Color: Yellow (Mustard Yellow)

Material: iron, powder coated surface

Includes Two (2) Disc Horns (High 400Hz and Low Tone 335Hz)

Working Voltage: Works with standard +12 Volt D.C. Electrical Systems

Output Frequency: High Tone 400Hz and Low Tone 335Hz
Output: 139dB-170dB

Fit for Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV's, Motorcycles, UTV's and ATV's.

The motorcycle is converted from the original one into two horns, and the relay wiring was installed.
Here are three major benefits:
1. In this way, the horn directly draws power from the battery, so that the voltage and current at both ends of the horns are stable.The best results can be achieved: the speaker sounds loud, the sound is mellow, the performance is stable, and the Service life is extended.
2. This isolates the switch from direct contact with the horn, so that it does not affect other appliances on the motorcycle.
3. After the original horn cable is modified, it becomes the wiring harness of the control controller, and the controller power is only 1.6W. Then the original wiring is very safe.

Horn modification harness:
When the riders modify the horn, they replace the original horn directly with the new one,which is unreasonable. The purpose of installing a new horn is definitely to hope that it will be louder than the original horn. At this time, the power of the horn is increased and the original car's wiring is definitely not enough for long-term use. It is recommended that you install a controller when you modify it.


Professional installation is highly recommended if you have any difficult in installation.
Please allow 1-3mm in size deviation due to manual measurement.

Package included:

1Pair Horns
(Installation instruction is NOT included)