Replacement Front and Rear Gloss Black Subie Emblem Kit (2022-2024 WRX)

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Product Overview


10 Available Colors:
Red, Orange, Neon Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Cherry Blossom Pink, Gold, Black, White



  • Replaces the stock blue and chrome Emblem with a black frame and a variety of colored stars. Comes with pre-applied 3m double sided tape for easy application 
  • Sold in a full Set. Front and rear emblems and gloss black frame



2022-2024 WRX



⚠️* Some models may require additional 3m double sided tape to help adhere better. One strip across the center (left to right) horizontally overlapping the corners of the right & left tabs will be sufficient 


Click HERE to purchase a roll of 3m double sided tape