Replacement Day Time Running Lights (DRL) Sequential Switchback Wire Harness (2018-2021 WRX/STI)

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Product Overview



  • OEM fitment 
  • Sold as a set
  • Easy to install


In order to make this product really stand out, we've decided to produce a switchback version. This is a great choice for those who want more switchback lights or those who are not willing to crack open their headlights to install aftermarket C-lights.

Normally illuminated white as a DRL, they switch to an amber turn signal light when activated. After the turn signal is turned off, they switch back to white.

NOTE: For ease of installation we have designed the turn signal wiring with an OEM style plug. Simply disconnect the stock turn signal socket plug and connect it directly into the wiring for the bezels. The OEM socket will remain in the turn signal housing preventing moisture from getting inside. Optionally the pass through plug can be used to light both the bezels and the stock turns.



This product comes with everything you see in the photograph. They are the same LED strips and harnesses included with our JDMFVJDM Style DRL kits. You can purchase this kit if you want to replace damaged or dead strips from your old kit. This kit can also be used to upgrade the DRL strips on the Genuine DM S4 Bezels. Modifications to the LED strip brackets will be required to make it fit, but the LED strip fits the JDM S4 Bezels.


- Ultra Bright 6k White LEDs for the Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
- Amber Turn Signals
- Built-In Switches to control if you want a sequential turn signal or a steady turn signal.

- 2 x LED Lights Strips
- PNP Wiring Harnesses (2018-2021 WRX (non-limited) is the only car that will be plug and play)
- Tap a Fuse (for DRL function)
- Zip Ties
- 6 x Screws

- The Limited WRX and STI models DOES NOT plug and play and will require tapping into the turn signal harness to get the turn signals to function. Please choose the option above if you have a limited one so we can include the proper hardware.
- Installation notes for STI or Limited WRX, supplied yellow harness has to be tapped to the yellow wire on the harness with the double plugs. Then tapped to the yellow wire coming from the turn signal bulb in the headlights. Black wire has to be tapped to black than to a ground source.
- Fitting this product onto a JDM DRL Bezel for 2018-2021 WRX / STI will require 1 metal tab modification to fit properly.

2018-2021 WRX
2018-2021 STI