JDMFV - Steering Wheel Emblem (Blue) - H

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Product Overview

JDM Honda H Steering Wheel Emblem
(Fits Most Hondas) 

Get that JDM look with the JDM Steering Wheel Emblem!   This is NOT an epoxy/vinyl emblem, this is the real JDM plastic emblem. The emblem comes with factory 3M adhesive backing and can be applied directly over your existing chrome "H" emblem.




Material: Plastic

Color:  Blue

Qty: 1


Install Instructions: 

  • Clean surface with ispropyl alcohol and dry
  • Peel back adhesive on your new emblem and apply directly onto your stock OEM emblem
  • Keep emblem dry from water or any liquid for 24 hour to ensure adhesive remains strong

Note: you can apply your new emblem over your stock factory emblem or remove and replace completely





(No reviews yet) Write a Review