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Eraser Wheel 


  • Features & details

    • Obliterates Decals Fast and Efficiently: A durable, long-lasting Heavy Duty 4" Alternating Slotted Edge Rubber Eraser Wheel Pad Tool that quickly removes adhesives and decals. This eraser wheel tool is designed for fast high-speed removal of pinstripes, decals, vinyl, tapes, graphics, flooring, double-sided molding, emblems, and trim adhesive from cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, signs, glass, windows, and other industrial, and household materials.
    • Safe: The eraser wheel scrubs off the stripes and decals with friction instead of abrasives, preventing scratching and other damage to the substrate surface below them. The eraser wheel's alternating slotted tooth edge design allows it to dissipate the heat better under high-speed friction, enabling the wheel to remove material from substrates easier, faster, and safer. It will not gouge or scratch cured acrylic enamel or urethane paint. Do not use the wheel on lacquer coatings.
    • Compatible with Drills and Rotary Tools: The 1" wide eraser wheel is compatible with most electric drills and rotary tools as it has a 5/16" - 24 threaded arbor molded into the center of the rubber, plus it comes with a drill arbor attachment that mounts on the threads of the eraser wheel. The wheel can be used at a maximum of 4,000 rpm, but works best between 1,500 to 3,000 rpm.
    • Safe and Easy to Use: Apply light pressure with the wheel starting at the top of the decal and moving side to side, or for faster results, use the entire width of the wheel without tilting or angling; Remove any residue with appropriate mild solvent; Always use proper protective equipment when using power tools. The wheel includes a Stop Use Line.
    • Excellent quality: Premium product line selection includes sandpaper, backing plates, polishers, and polishing pads that provide exceptional performance, so you can get the job done fast, saving you time and money!